Making Corporate Events More Fun with Magnet Photography Services

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Are you planning a gala, product launch, holiday party or other corporate event?

Do you need to spice things up with unique keepsakes for your guests?

Some sticky advertising might just be the right solution for you!

By sticky advertising, we mean magnet photography keepsakes that can add loads of fun to your event or celebration.

People love useful keepsakes, especially if they are unique and memorable like magnet photos. When souvenirs are made instantly on site, they are even more special. If you want your brand to reach more audience, use your corporate events as a marketing opportunity to deliver your message to the people.

Photo magnets are a lot more powerful than the usual company giveaways. Looking back to the photo booths in events you’ve been to, ask yourself this: where are those prints? Did you even keep them?

Then, there are also those stress balls, koozies and t-shirts. Do you use them regularly in your life?

Or those unflattering company event photos in Facebook that you were tagged in weeks ago? Do you really look back to these photos or even allow them to be displayed on your timeline? Probably not.

A fresh solution to these marketing blunders is Magnisimo’s Magnet Photography Services – the ultimate alternative to photo booths!

How does this work?

We have a highly skilled professional photographer that will be present on site to capture the unique moments of happiness of your guests. In just a few minutes, these captured moments will be transformed into unique memorabilia – photo magnets that your guests can take home with them.

With your company brand included in the customized photo frame, your guests will always remember your brand when they are looking back on their captured memories.

With high quality Magnisimo photo magnets, you can achieve these objectives:

  • Entertain your guests with a fun and engaging activity.
  • Create a unique experience that will be memorable for your guests.
  • Give a personalized event memorabilia that people actually appreciate.
  • Deliver your brand/business message without appearing too pushy.

You don’t have to resort to overpriced, expensive marketing strategies to effectively advertise your business.

Consider hiring a magnet photographer and elevate your next company event!