Making Your Wedding Unique with Magnet Photography

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Weddings are one of the most special celebrations in one’s life.

For the bride and groom, it is a day of love and bliss that they will remember for the rest of their life. Aside from the celebration of love, it is also about having fun.

If you want a fun and unique experience for your wedding guests, then make sure you have magnet photography!

A fresh wedding trend in the US, magnet photography is already a big trend overseas. Now, it is one of the biggest wedding trends of the year in the country.

How magnet photography works

Magnet Photography is an added feature that makes a wedding celebration more unique.

The service will come with a highly skilled wedding magnet photographer who is tasked to mingle at the party and take wonderful pictures of the wedding guests. Captured candid moments and special poses will be turned into high quality photo magnets by the magnet engineer on the site. Finished wedding magnets are displayed so that guests can see and choose that they would like to take home. Made to look fun, these photos are designed with lovely frames to make them more special. They stick to any magnetic surface and will make great decorations for your fridge or office.

Magnet photography is even better than a photo booth

While photo booths are also popular during wedding celebrations, they can be a big distraction to guests. The attention should be focused on the celebration and on the just-married couple, instead of the long lines of a photo booth.

On the other hand, the process of magnet photography is a lot easier and stress-free. All the guests really need to do is to just enjoy the moment with the bride and groom.

How do you make the wedding celebration memorable?

During the wedding celebration, guests, families and friends are all in the moment.

After a year, people move on with their lives and attending other weddings. The truth is, most people will not remember the food you served, the vows you said or the songs played on the dance floor. To make sure your guests remember your wedding, make it even more unique.

This is where our professional magnet photographer comes in. With well-designed photo magnet keepsakes for your guests, your special memories will be captured and preserved, making your wedding a memorable event that’s fun to look back on.

Do you need a magnet photographer even if you already have an event photographer?

YES! Here’s why – the event photographer will mostly be focused on the bride, groom and the entourage. They won’t really have time to capture the memories for the guests. Our magnet photographer’s main purpose is to capture moments for keepsake and fun, turning the lens on the guests because they are an important part of the celebration too!