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Halloween Party Photo Magnets

Spooky Snapshots, Magnetic Memories

Create lasting memories with festive photo magnets.

Halloween Party Photo Magnets
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Magnetize Your Halloween Frights

Turn every shriek, laugh, and costume into a bewitching keepsake with our Halloween-themed photo magnets. Perfect for capturing the eerie essence of your Halloween party, these magnets are a fun and festive way to preserve the spooky celebrations and share them with every ghoul and ghost.

Unique Services by Magnisimo

Plan a Spooktacular Party

Photo Magnets


Turn every costume and cackle into a lasting memory with custom Halloween-themed photo magnets, perfect for party favors.

Audio Guest Books

Capture the chilling laughter and spooky greetings of your guests with our audio guest books, making for a unique and eerie memento.

Custom LED Signs

Illuminate your haunt with custom LED signs, perfect for casting a ghastly glow and guiding guests through your haunted house.

Red Carpet

Roll out a ‘blood-red’ carpet for a dramatic, vampire-worthy entrance, adding a touch of elegance to your spooky soirée.

Custom Backdrops

Set the scene for frightful photos and eerie escapades with our customizable Halloween backdrops.

Custom Photo Props

Add an extra layer of fright with custom props, from creepy crawlers to ghostly figures, enhancing the spooky ambiance.

Creating Unforgettable Haunts

Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories

Revel in the fun and fantasy of Halloween. Our services are crafted to elevate your Halloween party from a simple gathering to an unforgettable haunt. From the whimsical to the wicked, we tailor each element to suit your theme, ensuring that your celebration is as unique as it is spooky. Embrace the Halloween spirit with and let’s make this a night to remember.