Custom Photo Magnet Giveaways on Your Next Brand Event

Corporate Event Branded Photography

If you have ever attended a trade show or a company event, then you’ve probably received one of those promotional items that are always being handed out at these functions. Typical giveaways include stress balls, drink koozies, bumper stickers and other random things that no one ever really uses. These items usually end up being thrown in the trash or lost in a sea of other unused things.

Companies hand out these corporate swags so that the people that attended the event will remember their brand. It’s a kind of branding strategy that can be really effective when done properly. When not done right, however, it can be mistaken as a cheap gimmick that can turn off potential customers.

The key to effective event marketing is to make sure your giveaways are making a lasting impression on the people. With unique and innovative items today, there are better options for you to choose from. An impactful advertising product can instantly upgrade your company event.

Before anything else, let’s discuss the reasons why people love a nice giveaway:

1. Everyone loves presents.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? People just love to get presents. According to a study done by PPAI Research, individuals are very likely to take gifts, no matter what kind of item it is. It is just in our nature to like gifts!

2. Free stuff triggers the reciprocity effect.

Another thing that comes natural to us humans is reciprocating kindness. When someone is given a favour or an act of kindness, it triggers something inside us that makes us want to give back too. So, when potential clients receive your gift, it makes them more interested in buying something from you to reciprocate the gift.

3. Personal touch goes a long way.

In this busy, modern world, people are craving for human interaction. Physical gifts that are handed out face-to-face offer a more personal touch. This shows your customers that you care and are willing make the effort to let them know that.

Now, here are some tips when choosing giveaway merchandise:

1. Durability is important.

Your giveaway items will reflect your brand, product or service. If they are low quality, it can send out an impression that your products are low quality too. Make sure that the item you choose is not only interesting but also durable.

2. Don’t spend too much.

The ideal giveaway merchandise should not be overly expensive. You don’t have to spend too much just to make people interested in your brand. Find something that is great but will not break the bank.

3. They should be easy to do.

No matter how awesome your item is, if it is impossible to do or if it takes too much time and energy to produce, then it’s not worth it. You have a time frame to think about, so it is best to choose something that will be quick and easy.

The easy solution: Personalized Photo Magnet Giveaways!

Currently trending in the event industry, photo magnets are one of the best solutions that has all the right qualities of an ideal giveaway item.

Photo magnet services come with a roaming photographer, who will be tasked to snap photos throughout the event. These highly skilled photographers will capture precious, authentic moments, which will be transformed into photo magnets that will be printed on site.

No need for long lines and complicated photo booth setups, this process is very simple and enjoyable for the guests. All they really need to do is enjoy your event, pick out the photo magnets and take them home.

You will have the freedom to customize how you want your branding to be incorporated. Whether you want your company name, logo or an event hashtag, on-site magnet designers will be able to personalize your item for you.

More importantly, guests will appreciate the thought and effort of your personal giveaway. Unlike the typical corporate giveaway items, these ones are unique and long-lasting, as they end up being displayed in people’s homes and not the trash can.