10 Easy Steps to Help You Plan a Great Party

10 Easy Steps To Help You Plan A Great Party

Hosting a party is not as easy as people think it is. It takes some serious planning because there are so many factors that go into a great party. If you want to pull off an event that will be the talk of the town, then you better get started on the creating the blueprint of the perfect party.

Here are 10 important things to note:

1. The right location.

Location is one of the most important elements of any event. This will determine how many guests you can invite, what kind of activities you can incorporate in your party and where the decorations go. Once you find the right location, everything else will be a little bit easier.

2. Party theme.

An overall theme will make your party more seamless and unified. This will also be the determining factor of the decorations, costumes and decorations. Make sure to inform your guests in advance so that they are well prepared.

3. Know your budget.

Budget is another important factor to consider in the planning stages of a party. Sometimes, you get so excited and easily get caught up in the planning that budget may be overlooked. Set the budget early on and make sure to check it periodically to remind yourself of how much you are spending.

4. Day and time.

To ensure all your friends and family will be able to attend your party, choose a day and time that will be manageable for the majority. Consider local events or holidays, which might affect your guest list. People are often busy with trips and other parties around the holiday season, so it might not be the best time for everyone. It is ideal to tell guests months in advance so they can clear out their schedule.

5. Take care of the invitations.

Before making a list of who you will be inviting, you must first determine how many guests you can accommodate. There is wide variety of invitation designs that you can do, whether you want paper or email invites. Make sure you clearly indicate the date, time, location and your contact number so they can RSVP. Send out wedding invitations two months in advance. For birthday parties, it is ideal to send them out 3-4 weeks in advance.

6. Don’t forget the food and catering.

Consider your party’s overall theme and budget when planning the food. Carefully pick out dishes that will be complementing to your event and don’t forget about the drinks too. Aside from your main meals, snacks like chips, fruit slices and crackers can also be great additions to your menu.

7. Picking utensils and silverware.

Decide on what kind of utensils to use – plastic or silverware. While plastic is cheap and accessible, it is not very earth-friendly. Consider renting silverware or having a catering company take care of everything for you.

8. Turn up the fun!

A great party needs to be well structured, from beginning to end. Plan out your activities and figure out the flow of the party. Will there be dancing, games, speeches? Also, consider hiring a party host or performer to make the event more memorable.

No party is complete without great music. Make sure to inform your DJ or performers to play the type of music that’s appropriate to your party. If you won’t be hiring a DJ, you can just create your own playlist with CDs or Spotify.

9. Prepping the location.

Parties in outdoor areas or destination events need to be prepped about 2-3 hours before the actual party. While there is usually staff to take care of destination locations, it will still be better for you to be there so you can supervise the preparations.

If you will be having the event at home, you may need a couple of days for preparation. Before organizing the party decorations, make sure you do a thorough clean of the house first. Check other elements like lighting, water and the restrooms. Also keep in mind that is is your responsibility to make sure your guests are safe. Take extra precautions and have first aid handy, in case of mishaps.

10. Enjoy the party.

When all else has been done, it is time for you to enjoy the party. Don’t obsess too much about the little things, or you might miss out on the important moments. The most essential part of any party is FUN – so congratulate yourself on the hard work you’ve accomplished, and go have fun!

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