Roaming Photographer vs Photo Booth

Orange County Photo Magnets Vs Photosbooth

Birthday parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs are all special events that bring together families and friends.

To capture the memories that happen in these occasions, taking photographs is a must. But, what is the best way to do this? If you have an event coming up, then you are probably looking online for your best options.

There was a new trend that popped up a couple of years ago and it became quite popular in parties. It was the photo booth that seemed to be a constant fixture in events. But while these are fun little additions to a social gathering, they don’t really do the job quite right.

Photo booths are confined boxes that can be uncomfortable and awkward. Not only are they limiting, they also only capture forced or rehearsed photos.  While they do have a fun element, guests only go to photo booths to get souvenir photos for themselves. They come in with big smiles or silly faces for the camera but because these are posed shots, they are not really genuine moments.

When it comes to capturing real, unrehearsed moments, it is still better to have a roaming photographer in your event. With a professional photographer present, you can have real, candid moments immortalized through attractive pictures. Parties are typically filled with beautiful incidents – family reunions, heartfelt laughter, funny bloopers, and many more unique bits. These can’t be captured inside a photo booth, rather with a pro who has a trained eye and knows what to do.

Magnisimo provides skilled photographers who roam around during the event, in search for wonderful moments to capture. Photo magnets are produced on the site efficiently. Plus, you won’t even need to install a bulky photo booth, which can just consume more of your area space.

One of the best things about ditching photo booths and choosing Magnisimo is the limitless possibility that you can capture. Personalization can also be incorporated; even props and costumes can be added while the party is ongoing. Throwing in some surprises in the mix would amp up the fun, allowing your guests to enjoy the occasion even more.

We understand the importance of quality photos and ensure that we pick the best moments. There are tons of pictures being taken but we want to focus on great photos. We value depth, color, highlights and raw emotion – these are important elements that can only be captured by a real photographer, not a machine.