Why Photo Magnets Make the Best Wedding Giveaways

Polaroid Magnet

When was the last time you opened your photo albums and actually browsed your old photos?

How regularly do you really see pictures from your past?

Photo albums are usually left unopened for long periods of time because they are just stored in hard-to-access places. You probably also have hundreds of photos in your mobile phone that haven’t been printed yet.

This is why photo magnets have become one of the rising trends in the photo industry. These simple accessories offer a great solution to help you better display your memorable photos.

At Magnisimo, we believe that all occasions are special.

Our team of experts, made up of first-class photographers and graphic design artists, create one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be suitable for any kind of party or event. Our staff will be on-site to make sure your special moments are captured. Production is done promptly, with options of customization according to what you need. There’s no need to wait for hours or even weeks to view the pictures. We make sure results are readily available!

Weddings are one of the most special occasions that we cater to. It is a meaningful event that is filled with lots of loving, fun and tearful moments. With all the festivities going on, it can be easy to miss out on some of the moments. But, our on-site staff will ensure this won’t happen. It is our job to capture the best and silliest happenings and turn them into keepsakes that your guests can take home.

There are countless of party favors being sold in the market but none are as personal and sweet as our photo magnets. A lot of the typical party giveaways – shot glasses, pillows, key-chains are just customary gifts that mostly get put away after the event.

On the contrary, photo magnets are more unique because aside from being personalized, they also represent something really meaningful. We design our photo magnets to be attractive, with classic designs that make them easy to place on any surface. With their charming designs, they easily spruce up the office or fridge. Unlike other impersonal party giveaways, these photo magnets are something your guests will enjoy displaying.

Wedding keepsakes are an essential part of the occasion. They are like the cherries on top of a cake – the finishing touch to a mural. This is why it’s just right that party organizers put so much thought and value on these keepsakes. They are a wonderful way to express your heartfelt thanks to your guests, making them the best choice for wedding keepsakes.