Update Your Bar Mitzvah Event with a Magnet Photographer

New Year's Eve Party. Happy Crowd Dancing At Nightclub, Copy Space

If you want to plan a standout bar or bat mitzvah, it is essential to add interesting activities to keep your guests entertained. While it is important to maintain traditions, fun should also be one of your top priorities. For a memorable mitzvah celebration, consider adding a mitzvah magnet photographer.

What is a Mitzvah Magnet Photographer?

If you have attended a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration in Israel, you have most probably noticed that most of these celebrations are super fun, thanks to special event additions like the mitzvah magnets onsite. A Mitzvah Magnet Photographer makes sure that the guest’s special moments are captured.

Behind the Scenes

How does this work? It can get pretty busy during a mitzvah celebration and you most likely would not have time to capture precious moments because you are already living them. This is where our professional photographers come in. The main job of a magnet photographer is to snap photos of candid and precious moments throughout the celebration.

These will then be turned over to the magnet engineers, who will turn them into amazing photo magnets that guests can take home. Styled with fun frames, these keepsakes can be used as decorations for your fridge, office or your living space.

I already have a photographer, do I still need a magnet photographer?

The answer is YES. This question often comes up with new clients. It is best to hire an event photographer, a videographer and a magnet photographer for your bar or bat mitzvah celebration. This is because each of these professionals have different purposes and skills. To get the best results, you should have one for each function.

A magnet photographer does not just take pictures, they also engage with the guests and lift the positive energy in the room. With happy guests, there will be more chances of getting beautiful pictures for your magnet keepsakes.

Be Up to Date

While it is new, this has become one of the most popular trends in bar and bat mitzvahs. If you want your celebration to keep updated with current trends, hire magnet photography services for your next event and make the celebration more fun!