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A full photo magnet suite for all events.

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Was $899


  • Unlimited photo magnets
  • Professional photographer
  • USB and online photo gallery


Was $1099


  • Includes Silver plus 1 hour
  • Cover magnet included
  • Signature backdrop and props


Was $1199


  • Includes Gold plus 1 hour
  • Collage magnet included
  • Premium backdrop and props

All-Night Special

Was $1399


  • Includes Platinum plus 1 hour
  • Red carpet addon included
  • Deluxe backdrop and props

* Prices listed for events up to 250 guests.

Los Angeles and San Diego county events, $250+ travel fee.

Everything you need included

Create unique experiences for your guests

Highest Quality Magnets

Long lasting magnets made of genuine high quality materials.

Friendly On-site Staff

Professional trained team members help create the best memories.

Unlimited Photos

Our professional photographers will snap unlimited shots during your event

Unlimited Prints

Unlimited printed photo magnets during your event.

Custom Designs

Custom photo magnet frame by a professional graphic designer.

Constant Batches

Every 20 minutes, a new batch of photo magnets are posted to our magnet board.

Photo Magnet Package

A photo magnet package will be ready for you at the conclusion of your event.

USB Included

All photos taken will be available on a USB at the end of your event.

Roll out the red carpet.

Make your next event both stunning and classy.

Take the scene with your guests to the next level.

Include a red carpet with your instant photo magnet package. Engage with your guests, increase guest buzz and interaction.

Reserve the Red Carpet Addon for your event.

Includes a Hollywood red carpet, stanchions with velvet ropes, chest full of party props, and a large backdrop selection to select from.

Treat your guests like celebrities and superstars.

Give your guests a unique experience. Perfect for weddings, mitzvahs and corporate events.

All this for $99

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Exclusive addons.

Add extra flavor and spice to your event.

Backdrop $49
Red Carpet $99
Collage Magnet $75
Cover Magnet $50
Matte Finish $99
Large Magnets $300
Extra Hours $250/hr
Photographer $100/hr
Large Event $250/hr
USB Drive $29