What You Need to Know When Choosing a Magnet Photographer

The ultimate alternative to photo booths!

If you are tired of those expensive photo booths that are hard to set up, then you need to switch to magnet photography for your next event.

Now one of the biggest trends in the event industry, photo magnet services are great for any event – from weddings to corporate parties.

With a magnet photographer on the site, your precious moments will be captured and turned into high quality photo magnets on the spot. Designed with decorative and personalized borders, these photo magnets can be easily displayed on the fridge or any metallic surface. The memories of your special day won’t have to be digitally stored in computers or lost in the big world of social media. Your guests can take their own photo magnets home and display them proudly.

Here are Some Important Things to Know When Hiring a Magnet Photographer

Who to hire?

Choose a professional photographer that is specially skilled in event photography. They should be able to understand and capture different kinds of compositions and should be able to instantly recognize important moments to be photographed. Because printing is done on the site, there will be no time to do a lot of post editing.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Inquire as much as you can before hiring someone. Aside from typical questions like pricing, ask about experience, skills, equipment, etc. How many years of experience does the photographer have in event photography?

It is important that the hired photographer is skilled in taking sharp and clear photos that have great composition even under challenging lighting situations. Remember this – even advanced equipment can’t take good photos if the photographer is not skilled.

How big is the team on site?

Because the process of magnet photography is pretty simple, you won’t need to have a big team present on the site. Typically, you only need at least two people: a professional magnet photographer and a graphic designer who will be designing and printing out the photo magnets.

What kind of equipment will be used?

High Quality Cameras

A professional magnet photographer should be equipped with DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses for different types of photo compositions. It is best to ask sample photos of previous events so that you can gauge the quality of the pictures they can provide.

Aside from the camera kit that will be used, it is also ideal to have backup camera equipment ready. In case something goes wrong, the team will still be able to continue with their job.


Will the company be using Inkjet or Dye sublimation during the printing process? The printed photo results from these might look very similar at first but you will notice a difference in quality after some inspection.

Inkjet printers work by spraying ink onto the surface, which can be smudged when not handled properly. After a while, the colors can also fade even when the photo has been laminated. Dye sublimation printers transfer images through heat, making printed photos completely dry and resistant from water and UV light. This kind of process produces longer-lasting images and also prints a lot quicker than Inkjet.

Customizable Frames

One of the most fun elements of a photo magnet is the frame designs. The ideal service should be able to provide customizable frame designs for your specific event. Ask for samples and check for the variety of design options available.

Does the company have liability insurance?

A professional company should carry liability insurance. A lot of venues require this from vendors who will be working on site. Aside from the added peace of mind, this also shows the level of professionalism the service company has.

Level of Rapport

Beyond the equipment used or the services promised, it is also essential to look at the level of rapport that the team and the whole company can offer. This is called “the human factor” or how they are able to relate to you and your guests.

After all, proper engagement is one of the key ingredients to create a beautiful photo. Make sure to factor this in when you are going through your checklist before hiring.