The Ultimate Keepsake for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs

Bar Bat Mitzvah photo magnets

Bar and bat mitzvahs are a special moment in a teen’s life. This coming-of-age occasion happens just once in a lifetime and it is just right to make it as memorable as possible. Traditions should be preserved to keep our values but there are also times when we need to shake things up a bit. This updated approach will modernize old routine. To make sure your bar mitzvah party is fresh and modern, you need a fun, new keepsake for your guests.

Why Keepsakes are Important

Giveaway items are common in events. Whether you are throwing a company party, a small family reunion or a lavish wedding, it is customary to give out a small token of appreciation to guests. This is a way to thank them for their time and presence.

Apart from being a thank you gift to guests, keepsakes are also the best accessory to represent your whole event. Because of this, it is crucial that your items are unique and long-lasting. This is why photos are often the go-to giveaway for events. Compared to items like mugs, stickers and umbrellas, which are pretty much disposable after a couple of uses, photos are more personal.

What is the Ultimate Keepsake?

All good hosts want their guests to have the best time at the party. Of course, you would also want your guests to go home with the best kind of keepsake. The ultimate keepsake you can give to your guests is a long-lasting personal memento like photo magnets. Magnet photography is one of the hottest new trends in social events. Turning captured photos to photo magnets in minutes, this giveaway item will give a fresh spin on your bat and bar mitzvah parties.

Magnisimo Event Photography

Covering events in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego, Magnisimo provides a gold standard in event photography services, from bar mitzvahs to weddings. Our staff is not only highly skilled, they are also friendly. No matter the event, our team is dedicated to capturing precious moments and turning them into beautiful photo magnets.

Each package includes:

  • High quality magnets made from top materials that will last a long time.
  • Professionally trained team on the site.
  • Unlimited photos taken by professional photographers.
  • Unlimited printed photo magnets during the party.
  • Custom magnet designed by you and our graphic designer.
  • USB saved photos for your copy.
  • Constant batches of photo magnets on the display board for your guests.
  • Photo magnet package for you at the end of the event.