The Modern Alternative To Photo Booths

It wasn’t too long ago when photo booths were all the rage in the events industry. This photo machine is often used in events like weddings, birthdays and company parties. While photo booths are fun, they have a couple of downsides including maintenance and expense. Because they are bulky and heavy, transporting them from one place to another can also be such a hassle.

Nowadays, a new trend has been taking over the events space. Instant photo magnets are the new photo booths. They are fun, unique but less bulky and more manageable. With this new concept, parties can become even more interesting. If you are looking for an alternative to photo booths for your upcoming event, consider photo magnets as a replacement.

What are photo magnets?

Photo magnets are printed photos with a magnetic backing, which can be given as keepsakes for parties and events. They are simple, inexpensive and will last you a lifetime. Aside from the simplicity of this giveaway, it also has a very sentimental and personal element to it, which only makes it more special.

How does this work?

When you avail of any Magnisimo’s instant photo magnet packages, you will be working with our trained team who will be helping you create the best photo magnet plan that will elevate your party. Whether it is a wedding, bar mitzvah or company party, we have a variety of packages that will fit your needs.

The process is pretty simple:


Along with our graphic designers, you will be choosing your frame design from our gallery. With a wide range of design and layout choices, you will have fun customizing your own frames that will be suitable for your party’s theme.


During your scheduled event, we will be providing an on-site photographer who will be capturing pictures all throughout your party. With a professional photographer behind the lens, you wouldn’t have to worry about snapping pics on your camera or phone. You can just relax and enjoy the party while someone takes care of picture-taking for you.


The photos will be transformed into photo magnets within minutes on-site, printed on your customized frame designs. The finished products will be displayed on a small board, so that your guests can view them and pick out what they want. These unique custom keepsakes will be treasured by your guests and can be easily displayed on any magnetic surface at home.

For instant photo magnet services in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, Magnisimo photo magnets are the go-to name. Check out our packages and request a quote for free!