7 Reasons Why Your Event Will Be Better with Photo Magnet Keepsakes

A magnet photographer is one of the best ways to a unique element of fun on your next event. You have probably heard of this from your friends, colleagues or family members. Taking the event industry by storm, photo magnets are this year’s go-to event memorabilia.

Here are some of the top reasons why people are going crazy for this new trend:

1. Wow your guests.

That huge photo booth is so outdated. Magnet photography, on the other hand, is chic, instant and trendy. Because this is a fresh trend, people are still amazed by the whole process. The fun experience will give your guests another reason to talk about your event for a long time.

2. Keepsakes for everyone.

This kind of souvenir is enjoyed by everyone – from the young ones to the adults. Even grandma and grandpa would love to bring home a personalized keepsake that would remind them of the fond memories of the event.

3. Your guests will not be distracted.

The thing about those old photo booths is that they can be pretty distracting for the guests. It kind of take away the people from the actual celebration and shift the attention to the photo booth. Whether it is a bar mitzvah, a wedding or a corporate event, your guests should be present in the moment, enjoying with you and the other attendees.

With a roaming, on-site magnet photographer, precious moments can be captured and all everyone else has to do is enjoy the celebration.

4. Long-lasting memorabilias.

Made with state-of-the-art photo printing, you can be sure these souvenirs will last a long, long time. Your precious photos are laminated and protected from heat, UV light and water. Aside from high quality printing, your photos will also have a strong magnetic backing that will be compatible with any magnetic surface. Unlike a printed photo, you won’t even need a frame anymore. These are ready to be displayed!

5. They are a great conversation piece.

Because of its unique look, photo magnet keepsakes are definitely conversation pieces. There is no better feeling than seeing a precious moment captured in a photograph that you can relive with your friends and family. The next time you have guests in your home, show them the photo magnets and tell them about that fun wedding or bar mitzvah you attended.

6. You won’t have to spend too much.

It is not uncommon for event services to be overpriced because a lot of these require complicated set ups, big teams and heavy equipment. Because the process of creating photo magnets is simple and you only need 2-3 people on site, you will be glad to know that our services are inexpensive.

7. Have fun with custom designs.

Magnisimo caters to different kinds of events – from bar mitzvahs and weddings to corporate affairs and product launches. Whether you want fun border frames or your company logo, your photo magnets can be easily customizable. Your event, your design! Our on-site graphic designers will be there to assist you with design options that’s perfect for your event.